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4 Tips to Reduce Screen Time

Screens are an inescapable part of our lives, but prolonged screen time negatively impacts your physical and emotional wellbeing. Not to mention eye strain and sleep problems. The good news is blue-light screen filters and blue light blocking glasses such as Bohten’s blue light filter lenses alleviate these harmful effects.

There are even more steps you can take to protect your eye health and overall wellness. Here are four easy tips to reduce screen time.

1.    Change Your Device Settings

Open your Android or iOS settings and set restrictions on the time you spend on the time-draining apps. For full detox, delete all but essential apps on your phone. Set your phone to grayscale, and you’ll look at it less often. Finally, use Do Not Disturb mode to prevent your phone from continually hijacking your attention.

2.    Prioritize Off-Screen Interactions

Want to catch up with someone? Call them instead of texting them “Hi.” It makes for a more interesting conversation. Or better yet, plan to meet them in person. Set boundaries for when your coworkers, employees, or clients can reach you. If you can, avoid work-related calls, emails, and chats after hours.

3.    Schedule Screen-Free Times

Designate certain parts of your daily routine as screen-free. The best candidates for this are bedtime and dinnertime. Don’t use your phone or watch TV in bed. The only thing you should allow in bed is a book—maybe a Kindle reader. No screens as you eat. Savor your meal, be it a gourmet dish or microwaved noodles.

4.    Adopt Wholesome Pastimes

It’s tempting to mindlessly pull out your phone during your free time. During transit. While waiting in line at the supermarket. As you relax at home in the evening or during the weekend. Instead of staring at your screen, consider other ways to pass the time, like reading an actual book, meditating, or exercising.

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