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5 countries Ghanaians can travel to Visa Free

Travel is one of those things that speaks to the heart, mind and soul. When you explore a new country, the opportunities to learn new things are endless. Its culture, food, language and overall way of life are right there at your fingertips to enjoy. As we all know however, traveling sometimes is neither the easiest nor the most affordable hobby, especially when you have to think about applying for a visa. This unfortunately is the truth for a lot of people around the world, including Ghanaians.

But, there are some countries for Ghanaians where a visa is not necessary. Where you can rock up and start your exploration immediately - no paperwork needed. Which countries are they? Here are five incredible countries Ghanaians can travel to absolutely visa free


Jamaica is located in the Caribbean region and continues to make a name for itself on the world stage. From reggae music, to beaches, to adventures in the mountains, to the local food and people, you will have no problem finding something to do every single day. Jamaica is oozing with culture and hospitality so from the time you arrive, you may ever want to leave! Check out Jamaica’s tourism website for more information on this fascinating island to plan your next trip. There are direct flights from many cities in the USA, Canada and England. And you know what the best part is? Ghanaians can stay for up to 6 months as a tourist - visa free!



Singapore is located in SouthEast Asia and is known for its spectacular architecture, cleanliness, shopping and food! This is a city that will leave you in awe as you explore many of the grand experiences it has to offer. Are you a fan of theme parks as well? Well you’re in luck! Singapore boasts Universal studios that you can enjoy with the family. Here’s a quick 7 day itinerary you can use to plan your next visit as a tourist - visa free of course! Ghanaians can stay for up to 30 days in this beautiful country and can access direct flights from Dubai or the UK!


Belize is located in Central America and is the only English speaking country in the region. It is a country full of adventure with activities such as birding, caving, canoeing, snorkeling and archeology to name a few. Also, did you know Belize has the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere? It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is magnificent for diving and snorkeling. Ghanaians can visit Belize for up to 6months at a time as a tourist so check out their tourism website today!


If you ever want to visit an island in the Pacific, Fiji is the place for you. A safe and extremely tourist friendly group of islands, Fiji is the best place to book your next Pacific travel destination. Fiji caters to all tastes with their food, beaches and adventurous activities. “Bula!” is the warm greeting of hello you’ll receive from its people from the moment you step off the plane. Check out Fiji’s travel website today for more information. Ghanaians can visit Fiji for up to 4 months - unbelievable right??


Barbados is another island located in the Caribbean with enough sun, sea and sand to whisk away any of your worries. The birthplace of Rum, Barbados will take you on a journey unlike any other, with so many places and things to discover. If you like a little fun in the sun, be sure to plan your vacation around early August to participate in the carnival celebrations known as Crop Over! Barbados’ present Prime Minister, Honorable Mia Mottley has visited Ghana many times and is all about the Caribbean, African connection. Makes sense why Ghanaians can stay for up to 6 months in this beautiful country. Be sure to look at the official Barbados tourism website for more information.


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