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BOHTEN EYEWEAR – Where design meets social consciousness

Bohten set to launch premium luxury eyewear collection Barklae on December 22nd 2012. In a marriage of both passion and aesthetic Bohten announces the launch of their first official signature high end collection which is sure to offer consumers the look of stylish simplicity while keeping in mind the consciousness of one’s environment.

With little choice existing in today’s fashion market to buy “green” Bohten Eyewear emerges as a leader in its field.  Manufactured from 100% recyclable materials Bohten doesn't skimp on style with streamlined features that connote a sense of classic elegance with a hint of sophisticated sexy, this eyewear speaks for itself.

Consumers of the eyewear brand will be able to choose from the highest grade quality of reclaimed Redwood, Zebra wood, Ebony wood, wheat straw and Bamboo a combination sure to make any lifestyle enthusiast head turn. Bohten Eyewear collection doesn't fare short on practicality either as it offers consumers customizable UV polarized and subscription lenses as well as a variety of frames to satisfy the needs of every individual.

As a company that believes in the profitability of supporting a sustainable environment through minimizing waste in the design and manufacturing process which ultimately define  “greener” goods and services. Bohten makes its mark by providing eco-conscious consumers with style that makes more than just a statement, but a difference. After much anticipation and support from the local community Bohten is pleased to announce their collection is now available for purchase online and will soon be in key retail stores. Join Bohten as we embark on this endeavor to set a higher standard within fashion’s marketplace and support style with substance.

Bohten Public Relations.

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