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African (Adinkra) Symbol of the Month: Adwo means calm

Bôhten eyewear strives to improve sustainable living in Africa. To shed light on our African roots, we are introducing meaningful symbols from Ghana that focus on the importance of Ethics in the social environment. 

Our African symbol of the month is the Adinkra Symbol called Adwo. The meaning of the symbol is calmness. According to, it is a symbol of “peace, tranquility and quiet.”

During this coming Holiday season, we recognize many of you have a lot going on and sometimes it is difficult to find the calm in all the hustle and bustle. Whether it be family or solo activities, we may find ourselves on the go this month more than any other throughout the year. We want to remind you that it is important to carve out time in your schedule to create that calm in your life. Remember the things that bring you joy and peace, and try to find ways to incorporate them into the coming days. Creating and embracing those moments will help you tackle the busy times to come.

Use this Adwo symbol as a sign to generate that calm and tranquility. 

We’re pretty sure you won’t regret it.

Happy Holidays, from everyone here at Bôhten.

Adinkra are visual symbols, originally created by the Gyaman (Ashanti) people of Ghana and the Ivory Coast. The symbols hold a great deal of meaning and not only present the rich Akan culture, but serve to communicate deep truths, wisdom and knowledge using imagery. 

If you're curious to learn more about Adinkra symbols, you can find more about them here.

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