Back to School Guide by Black Love Features Bohten! - Bôhten Eyewear

Back to School Guide by Black Love Features Bohten!

It’s back to school season in a few countries around the world and Black love has got you covered!

They created a “Black to School” guide listing 5 Black owned brands that provide school supplies for your back to school needs. The list helps you prepare for the new school year while also supporting the black community. 

And guess what?
Bôhten made the list!
Bôhten was featured as a black owned eyewear brand that provides blue light filter glasses for all your back to school eye health and eye care needs. 

Jade Lemon - available with Blue Light Filter lenses

An array of other products were featured such as backpacks and lunch boxes by Blended designs, Journals and planners by Be rooted, pencils by Nik Nax and lunch bags by Cocoa cuties

They're all black-owned companies.
Isn’t that great?

We hope when you shop this back to school season you’re able to support one or many of these black-owned companies. 

Interested in purchasing a pair of Blue light filtered glasses? Shop more selections here: Blue Light Filter Glasses

Exstel tortoise 

Bohten Back To School Guide

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