In The Press: Blk Oceans FT Bôhten in Black Owned Sunglasses to try this summer

This summer, Bôhten was featured in Blk Ocean’s article, “Six Black-Owned Sunglasses brands to try this summer” and the list did not disappoint. Blk Oceans is a platform that “inspires readers to celebrate Black founders and to discover and explore Black-owned brands in fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and kids.” They consistently post blogs of different black-owned brands in a variety of categories, reminding you of the ways you can shop black and support the community.


In their list, they recognized Bohten as “Revolutionary, distinct and socially responsible” and highlighted our sustainable endeavors including our tree planting programs in Ghana and Kenya.

Our Manyara Mahogany frames were on display in their post.

Bôhten stood alongside other black owned sunglass companies such as Shades of Shades, Nroda and 3rd Eye View to name a few.

Thank you Blk Oceans for the feature and for your work in supporting black-owned brands around the world!

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