Bohten Featured in the Press: Kuul Peeps, Elle Canada - Bôhten Eyewear

Bohten Featured in the Press: Kuul Peeps, Elle Canada

Over the last week, Bohten was featured ‘In the Press’ not once but twice on international online platforms! The first is based in Ghana and is called Kuulpeeps, dubbed as ‘the official website for Ghana's no.1 campus portal & your guide to young people.’ Meanwhile, Elle Canada - a woman’s lifestyle magazine - included Bohten in their gift guide for him this holiday season. We’re definitely excited to share what they decided to say about us!


Kuulpeeps did a great feature that dove deeper into Nana K & Nana B - the brothers and co-founders of Bohten. In what felt like an almost ‘sit down’ interview, Kuulpeeps asked pertinent questions about how Bohten started and our journey to where we are today. They uncovered the origin of Bohten’s name “...Bôhten is derived from ‘Boateng’, Nana B’s middle name; as a way to reflect our culture, but also taking the opportunity to develop a new identity from its foundation” and inquired about the influence behind the design of the frames.

Nana B shared: “A constant inspiration for us is retro glasses, as well as modern innovators like Retrosuperfuture and style icons like Liam Gallagher, Run DMC and Kanye West.”

Our favorite part of the write up, was at the end when Nana B shared the true core of the Bohten brand. He said, “Ultimately, we want to be the go-to brand that serves the continent of Africa and its diaspora with frames that make people forget they are wearing glasses and focus on being the best possible version of themselves. We want to bridge the gap between people and products by reconciling us all with nature, one another, and most importantly oneself.”

It was definitely a nice touch and perfect way to end off the article!

Elle Canada

Next, Elle Canada created a list of ‘The 15 Best Holiday Gifts For Him’ gearing up for the intense yet fun filled holiday season. You don’t have to scroll far as Bohten was listed second on the list.

Bohten’s hot off the press Bond collection was highlighted as the pair to purchase. They said “The Bond collection is the brand’s revamped aviator line, available in five eclectic colors, including this bright pink. And yes, tinted lenses have superpowers—as in, they can lift his mood." 

We quite agree Elle Canada, the Bonds are definitely the way to go for ‘Him’ this holiday!

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