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Bôhten Valentine’s Day: Love at First Sight

Celebrating the love of your life on Valentine’s Day is always a good idea, but it shouldn’t be limited to significant others alone. Love comes in all forms from family to friends and even your pets! Why not let your loved ones "see" how much you care with a gift? We’ve rounded up the Bôhten eyewear that best compliments the people you love the most. We like to call it love at first sight.😎

With Love:

The Bôhten Family


Gifts for the Special Someone 
Whether it be your romantic other or even yourself, these frames speak to acknowledge that person in your life who helps to make your days that much better. Through their love, laughter and joy, the time spent with them always adds to yours. These frames were selected to highlight the beauty we see in them everyday.
Bond Rose $250
Manyara Mahogany Sun $300
Gifts for Mom
Mother’s who play an active role in their kids' lives are a gift to everyone. As they continue to show their love to you through care, comfort and assurance that only moms seemingly can give, show how you care for her with these select frames that offer that well needed sun protection and flare of style.
Exstel Champagne $200
Abana Ebony Sun $300
Gifts for Dad
For the dad that has worked hard to build a special bond with their kids. That stylish dad, loving dad, caring dad. Let’s give him something he wouldn’t expect and boost him up with compliments each time he wears them. These frames were carefully chosen for the dads out there that fit the bill and then some.
Bond Blue $250
Manyara Ebony Sun $300
Gifts for Siblings
A bond like no other, siblings at times seem to make or break us, but more often than not are always there for us. They’re some of the few people who have been through a lot of the same circumstances you have throughout childhood, creating a love for each other that’s everlasting. Browse through these frames to see which one you think your sibling would like the most, to help them shine as much as they deserve too.
Abana Gold Teak Sun $300
Aristotle Gold Ebony Sun $150
Gifts for Friends
It is said that sometimes friends are the family we get to choose. We may oftentimes underestimate just how crucial friends are in our lives as they help us make it through life’s curveballs. If you haven’t thought about acknowledging/highlighting/celebrating your friendship before, this Valentine’s day is a perfect time to do so. Outfitting your friend in a pair of these select Bôhten frames, to help boost their confidence and add a bit more style to their wardrobe.


Voyager Grey Sun Polarized $200
Bond Grey Polarized $350



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