At Bôhten we understand the importance of supporting our community, especially in times of need. We've decided to do our part in supporting medical workers, at-risk communities, and senior homes. 

Today we are happy to announce our COVID19 donation relief effort. This will include the following:

  1. For every purchase, we will donate 5 masks to homeless shelters in Toronto, Canada.
  2. $500 donation to the BronxCare Health System in New York, whose hospitals are on the frontline in the fight against COVID19 in underserved communities www.bronxcare.org
  3. $500 Donation to The OR Foundationa non-profit providing support food distribution, and hygiene to the Kayeyei community living in Accra (https://deadwhitemansclothes.org/intro)
  4. Donating 500 Safety Goggles to Medical Centres fighting COVID19 in Ghana and Kenya.

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