Bôhten ft in Central London Pop up hosted by Fashion Minority Alliance X LDC & Crown Estate - Bôhten Eyewear

Bôhten ft in Central London Pop up hosted by Fashion Minority Alliance X LDC & Crown Estate

Bôhten’s is on the ground in London!

For the entire month of September, Bôhten, along with other independently owned and sustainable brands, are being featured in a special pop up hosted by Fashion Minority Alliance in collaboration with Lone Design Club and Crown Estate in London.

According to Fashion Minority Alliance, their specially curated space in the LDC Conscious Edit Store will “...provide a platform for underrepresented, independently owned, sustainable brands to promote and sell their designs, (across eyewear, apparel, beauty, footwear, and self-care products), in a thriving, central London retail location.” 

LDC’s Conscious Edit Store is located in the heart of Central London and is a prime retail location. The exposure for Bôhten and the other featured brands will be phenomenal. Barbara Kennedy-Brown, co-founder of Fashion Minority Alliance states this is “...an incredible opportunity for underrepresented businesses to showcase their talents to a new audience.” 

Other incredible brands being featured alongside Bôhten are Adkinkra Republic, Leiho, 79Luxe Skincare and Deborah Brand

This unbelievable opportunity is one of the many core initiatives FMA hosts and creates for brands like Bôhten. We applaud FMA for their hard work in creating these spaces for minority brands and audiences alike.

Who is Fashion Minority Alliance?

"Fashion Minority Alliance is a Non-Profit and Non-Partisan organization that works collaboratively with fashion and beauty businesses, brands, organizations, and industry gatekeepers. They work to promote and secure the advancement of BIPOC and Historically Marginalized creatives to ensure positive, sustainable, long term industry change." Learn more about the organization on their website fashionminorityalliance.com


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