Hump Day Vibes Playlist featuring EDWVN

This month's Hump Day Vibes playlist has been specially curated by Ghanaian producer - EDWVN. "As a self-described 'can't-dancer', I've recently developed an interest in the idea of dance as a medium for self-expression and connecting with oneself. With music being a language I'm proficient in on visceral level, this selection of songs is comprised of music that I would dance to, as imagined as part of a DJ set." Do enjoy everyone!

About the curator:

Under his EDWVN moniker, Edwin produces thoughtful, otherworldly music that genuinely pushes against the African grain. With a boundless desire for creative expression, he also employs visual design and photography; all to understand his place in the world.


Feel me - Melodiesinfonie


Basic Love - Demae
watercolor. - grouptherapy., Jadagrace

Sheriff - Redinho, Joel Culpepper
Elsewhere - Haile Supreme


Other tracks on playlist:

Let Me - Gaidaa A Colors Encore

South! - kezia, NAYANA IZ

Voltron Joint (Feat Iman Omari & Ego Ella May) - Junia T

Moon Girl - Moonshine, Kris the $pirit

Worth It - Jarreau Vandal - Amber Mark, Jarreau Vandal 

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