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Our Top Picks for 2021 Eyewear Trends

Trendy eyewear is a surefire way of updating your style. Be they prescription glasses, sunglasses, or blue light filter glasses, and eyeglasses are a popular accessory among fashion enthusiasts. Here are our top 5 picks for eyewear trends in 2021.


We all need at least one pair of aviators that we can wear with most of our outfits. We recommend adding Bohten Bond Rose to your accessories. This pair is made of wood, acetate, and metal aviator frames. For maximum comfort, these Bohten Bond Rose features adjustable silicone pads. They’re available in UV-400 Rose Tint in prescription and non-prescription.

Orange tint lenses

See the world through orange-tinted lenses with Bohten’s Legend Orange Tortoise sunnies. These fashion-forward frames accentuate the ebony and rosewood from the reclaimed materials that Bohten uses to craft its frames. For maximum adjustment, these pairs match perfectly with the gold metal ring. If you have an oval, rectangular, or round-shaped face, these are perfect for you.

Barklae Zebra

Zebrawood frames are comfortable, stylish, and functional. Our Barklae Zebra frames work well as everyday sunwear, for events or at the beach. They’re also an excellent accessory for adventurers. 


Clear eyewear was a massive trend in 2020; it still is in 2021. Some “clear” eyewear may have a hint of color in the lenses, but most are transparent. This style matches pretty much any outfit and works well with almost any skin complexion. We recommend Jade Tortoise. These square-framed frames feature reclaimed and ebony and walnut veneer inlay temple.

We can't forget our favorites!

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