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The untold story behind Bôhten Eyewear’s Harmattan 2020 Campaign

Creative Director of Tablö Creative, Sandra Riz, sat down with Co-Founder and Creative Lead of Bôhten, Nana Kwadwo, to get a behind the scenes glimpse into the production of Bôhten’s most recent Harmattan 2020 campaign, captured in Ghana.

As Nana K. explained, it was their brand’s first major photo production in Ghana, so there were some very high expectations. He says, “We wanted it to be something that leaned into a new direction in terms of storytelling. Instead of taking overly glamorous shots as we would normally do, this shoot was something more down to earth, or at least a happy middle.”

Curating the dream production team

Nana explains, Bôhten had been waiting for the right opportunity to collaborate with Carlos Idun-Tawiah and now was the time. After making a few calls to other talented Ghanian creatives like fashion designers Larry Jay & Ohene Mantse, stylists Shadrack Stone & Bernice Buo, make-up artist Felitone, and more incredible crew members - they finally had the team to begin creating.

Capturing an authentic essence of the Ghanian culture

He began by sharing his vision for capturing stories of the people, the beauty of landscapes, as well as the essence of the Ghanian culture. The models scouted for the shoot represented everyday Ghanians, while embodying blackness, and variety. Selected models were Tashana Q, Fiifi Annan, Mason, Violetta, and Irene Yesutor.

 “We’re very adaptive human beings. We are African, but still influenced by global culture, and I just wanted that to be the energy in the shoot.” Nana describes. 

The original creative direction of the campaign focused on hair, and its significance specifically amongst Black women. Whether kept natural, permed, braided or corn-rowed, Black women can say so much about their identity and their culture with just their hair. As Nana explains, it was a perfect way to showcase culture, as well as modern afropolitan identity. 

Let's talk about the richness found in the landscape of the Harmattan 2020 production. How difficult was it to secure for the shoot?

The geographical significance taps into this feeling of adventure; the visuals feel as if you're on a vacation. Nana remarked that everything from the beach side, to the air, the colors, and the sounds communicated the raw beauty captured on camera. This concept, mixed with the brand's vibe, would result in very compelling content - and another chance to share Ghanaian culture through the lens of the Bôhten Eyewear brand. The payoff? Indescribable!

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