Legend Lavender Collection The story behind the Legends was formed from Bohten’s co-founders, Nana Boateng Osei and Nana Kwadwo Osei’s love for flat-top glasses. The inspiration was to create their very own flat-top frames that were made with different materials, including champagne acetate, ebony and walnut wood. Not only do the Legends combine different materials, but they’re lightweight as well. They are a must-have for any occasion and have been a staple in the Bohten collection for the past three years. $200


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Adinkra Inspired Travel Case

The palm tree symbol is one of over 60 Adinkra symbols. Each symbol holds a message conveying history, culture, nature, or life. This symbol originates from Ghana and represents vitality, abundance, and strength. Palm trees are a common piece of nature lined across the streets of Ghana – each of them providing a source of coconut water, oils, and air purification. In the Western world, palm trees signify relaxation and are considered a source of tranquility for those who are around them. We will be including a complimentary travel case with every purchase made until December 27th.

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