4 Reasons Why You’re Better Off Wearing Prescription Glasses Instead of Contact Lenses

Prescription glasses and contact lenses are the two most common options for correcting vision. Each has its pros and cons. Here are four reasons you might prefer prescription glasses to contact lenses.

1. Glasses are more affordable

In the long-run, glasses are easier on your wallet. If you take good care of your glasses and your prescription doesn’t change, you won’t have to replace them. Even if your prescription changes, you may only need to changes the lenses and continue using the frames. With glasses, you don’t have to worry about running out of frequently buying contact lens solution and new contact lenses.

2. Glasses reduce the risk of irritation and infection

When you wear contact lenses, you touch your eyes often than you would if you wore glasses, which puts your eyes at higher risk of becoming irritated or infected. Contacts can also restrict oxygen supply to your eyes and cause discomfort, temporary blurred vision and, in some cases, an infection. Moreover, contacts are prone to contamination while you shower, swim, or handle them with dirty hands. Wearing prescription glasses reduces or eliminates these risks.

3. Glasses are more comfortable and convenient

Contacts need more maintenance than glasses. You also need to change them frequently. Granted, contacts free you from having to wear an object on your face. But that’s where that advantage ends. Contacts are not the easiest carry. You need to bring along contact lens cases, eye drops, and lens solution. With glasses, you only need a sturdy case to store your glasses and a microfiber lens cleaning cloth.

4. Glasses express your personality and style

Frames enhance your look. They express your style and personality. Many contact wearers switch to glasses when they find a pair of frames that’s right for them. If you want to express yourself through your frames, there’s a pair for you at Bôhten. Use our Home Try On experience to find the style of glasses you love. As you look for glasses that suit you, consult with your optician to ensure you make the best choice


My eyesight has gotten worse over the years, so I was thinking of finally getting glasses to wear. It was certainly helpful when you mentioned that glasses reduce the risk of your eyes becoming irritated and infected, unlike contact lenses. I’ll have to visit eye care services tomorrow so I can get a prescription for my glasses. http://www.graysonoptical.com/products__services.html

Anna Collins May 26, 2022

I loved that you said that wearing prescription glasses reduces or eliminates the risks of contamination due to handling them with dirty hands. This is something that I will consider because I am planning to shop for eye care products. There are times that I could be careless with rubbing my eyes when they are itchy. Since I need help due to nearsightedness, I will consider your tips. http://www.20twentymt.com/eyewear/

Shammy S December 05, 2021

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