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4 Sure-Fire Eyewear Styling Tips for Women Who Wear Eyeglasses

Wearing glasses has gone from being an unfashionable chore to accessorize your already dapper look. There was a time when people with eyeglasses yearned for contacts. These days, though, we’re seeing more and more contact glass wearers reach for eyeglasses because when it comes to style, they offer unlimited potential. Today, we’re even coordinating your eyewear and face masks.

Here are some tips to look great with your eyeglasses.

1. Don’t ditch the earrings

Go with smaller earrings. A petite pair polishes your look without being too distracting. Exquisite tiny studs and flattering frames achieve the delicate balance that brings together a refined look. Huge, dangly earrings certainly have their place. But with most frames, they tend to overwhelm your face.

2. Ditch the other accessories

Don’t cover your fantastic face and hair with a floppy hat. Leave out busy-looking hair accessories. If you insist on wearing accessories, stick to low-key ones, like a subtle barrette to hold back the locks or small-brimmed hats such as a fedora that sits off your face.

3.    Match the eyewear color with the jewelry metals

We’re not against having fun with the occasional fashion mismatching. Still, you want your eyewear and jewelry to coordinate. Gold jewelry, for instance, works well with tortoise frames. Likewise, stone or silver jewelry complements cool-toned or clear frames.

4. Dress it up a notch

We know! The overlarge sweater and snug leggings feel cozy. But wearing them with glasses only makes you look like you should be studying for midterms. You want to look like you’re about to impress at that super important meeting at work. So, we recommend dressing up at least one aspect of your look. Try pointed flats. Or a fitted jacket.


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I want to buy a new pair of eyewear soon since I accidentally broke mine when I rolled over it in bed this morning. I found it quite interesting when you told us that most frames overwhelm our faces, so we should choose smaller earrings if we want to create a balanced and refined look. I’ll make sure to remember this when I get my new glasses soon. https://www.pchsak.org/eye-care

Elina Brooks

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