Bôhten Eyeglasses at Ghana Fashion & Design Week!

Something big this way comes. Bôhten Eyeglasses to showcase collection at the 2015 Ghana Fashion & Design Week!

We are honored to be showcase our line at this year's Ghana Fashion & Design Week (GFDW), a globally recognized contemporary platform whose vision is to promote both emerging and established designers as well as creative entrepreneurs to a global audience.


GFDW’s mission is to support and strengthen sustainable fashion and creative business development in product design, textiles and clothing production in Ghana.


In 2012, GFDW launched Ethikha, a contemporary platform dedicated to supporting and highlighting the work of designers and entrepreneurs committed to sustainability development in fashion and lifestyle products made in Africa.

Ethikha also strives to further create awareness and develop interest in ethical fashion, sustainable production and consumer appreciation.


Visit GFDW's website to learn more about Ethikha.


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