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7 Signs That You Need Glasses

Prescription eyeglasses help you see better if you have problems with your vision, but it takes a while for most people to realize that they have the kind of problems that eyeglasses fix. Your eyes change over time. Vision tends to deteriorate.

Now, to be clear, vision problems don’t always necessitate eyeglasses. Likewise, the absence of signs and symptoms doesn’t always mean you don’t need glasses. Only a thorough exam by an eye doctor can confirm whether your vision is impaired and whether glasses can fix it.

That said, if you experience the following signs, we recommend you visit an eye doctor and have a thorough eye examination.

  1. You squint a lot. When you squint, you’re usually trying to correct a vision problem by reducing the amount of light that enters your eyes.

  2. You have a lot of headaches. Vision problems such as astigmatism or farsightedness can cause frequent headaches because your eyes strain for extended periods.
  3. Your eyes strain or fatigue. Allergies, flu, sleep deprivation can temporarily cause pain and strain in the eyes. If the pain or discomfort doesn’t subside, consider getting your eyes checked.
  4. Your vision is blurred. Both near-sightedness and farsightedness cause blurred vision, which you may notice when you read/write, look at your phone, drive, and do other activities that rely on vision.
  5. You rub your eyes a lot. An allergic reaction or infection may cause you to rub your eyes. It may also be the result of eye fatigue as a result of impaired vision.
  6. You sit too close to the TV. If you need to sit close to the TV to watch it, something is wrong. You may be trying to compensate for a problem with your vision.
  7. You see halos around light. When your eyes are unable to focus correctly, your vision becomes blurry because the light is scattered. As a result, you start to see circles around light sources like headlights and lightbulbs.

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I’m glad you mentioned that squinting means that you are trying to correct a problem in your eyes. I have been squinting a lot in school lately, so I have been having to sit at the front of the classroom. It seems like getting glasses would help me be able to do better in my schooling since I won’t be squinting as much. https://eagleeyecarela.com/

Thomas Clarence

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