Ottawa Fashion Week Frenzy

   Diversity was present at every angle of the Ottawa Convention Center from the runway to the kiosks, from designers to their designs and the whole scenery in general.  Designers worldwide came out to showcase their designs like Anjorin Babatunde from Nigeria, UTTC from Trinidad & Tobago, Joseph Helmer and Y! D. N. A by Andy Nguyen from Montreal, Inna from Toronto and Ottawa’s very own Bernice & Barclay.


(Andy Nguyen's Y.DNA Collection)

Bohten had it’s own vendor stand where many fans came to enjoy a quick snapshot at the photo booth set up. Everyone had a chance to give their best modelling pose while rocking the Barklae collection, which also includes the exclusive limited edition of Optical Frames. 

Bohten got positives reviews from all those later consulted the Facebook fanpage to see their snapshots! Comments like : “Omg! Those glasses i tried on were so comfy and awesome!” is what makes Bohten happy and gives us feedback as to how to satisfy our customers. Not only was Ottawa Fashion Week a success, it was a great way for us to physically meet out fans! Thank you to everyone who came out to support us!


To view your fan head shots, please visit The Bohten FanPage

(CEO Nana Osei, Sid Cratzbarg from Aristocrat of Scent, Actor/Model Vanessa Myers)

See you at next edition of Ottawa Fashion Week!

Article By Sonia Staali

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