Bôhten featured in Antidote Magazine


" Most people would admit, when the autumn season turns the corner and the leaves begin to fall- as do our sun glasses. Scarves on, shades off: that is most often the trend.

There are innumerable reasons to keep your eyes protected, and the necessity for sun glasses even until winter is increasingly important. Glare, UV rays, all those interesting variables seem to be secondary to, well, how we look.

Lets change our conception. Sunglasses are for the Fall. They keep those squinty wrinkles at bay, protect from dangerous UV rays, compliment your style and hey! The ones we’re suggesting are so wicked, we’ll have to convince you later to take them off.

As it gets colder we thought we’d keep you warm with our sunny trip pics from Jamaica.

Warm happy thoughts! "



credit - http://antidotemag.com

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