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A Bohten Black Friday!

It’s Black Friday in North America and we’re bringing it worldwide!

“Black Friday” is the term given to the Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA and has typically been known as a day where customers receive heavy discounts from both retailers and online stores. The day is known in the USA and even Canada for stores opening as early as midnight with shoppers almost stampeding in stores to get the best deals.

We can’t promise you a stampede per say, but we do want to bring the ‘Black Friday’ excitement to you - and we’re doing this worldwide.

First, we are sharing the in-depth stories behind a few of our most popular styles - the Aristotles, Bonds and Exstels - giving you insight on the inspiration behind their design and the impact they’ve had on you and us over the years. We have few surprises too as some limited edition unreleased styles in these frames will come your way on the brink of Black Friday. Are you excited to see?

Not only are we offering these unreleased styles on our stores online, but for the first time Bohten’s offering Black Friday deals in Ghana! Bohten is offering 20% off for select retailers in Ghana and 35% off storewide for everyone - no matter where in the world you are! These fantastic savings are available to shoppers on November 26th only. 

Buyers in Ghana have the option of purchasing their new Bohten frames via the website or via Whatsapp (+233 024 086 0820).

If you’re interested in getting an even better deal, subscribe on our website for even more value! Be sure to join the email subscriber list before it's too late.

Stay tuned to our blog and online platforms because Black Friday is going to be FILLED with things you don’t want to miss!

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