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Adjusting to Your New Prescription Eyeglasses


A new pair of prescription eyeglasses can feel somewhat disorienting because it takes time to adjust to them. This is normal. Before you fully adapt to new eyeglasses, you might experience minor problems such as eye strain, visual distortion, and headaches. These issues are usually temporary. If they persist, visit your doctor.

1. Why it takes time to adjust to new prescription eyeglasses

When you wear prescription eyeglasses for the first time or your prescription changes, your eyes and brain need to adjust to your new visual experience. At first, your brain interprets your improved vision as abnormal, a deviation.

A change in the size of your frames also needs some getting used to. For example, smaller frames may initially seem obstructive as they enter your peripheral vision. Different frames can also feel different on your face. Larger frames can feel heavier. To help with this, Bôhten sources sustainable material from African to craft frames that have a lightweight, comfortable fit. 

2. How long will it take to adjust to new prescription eyeglasses?

A typical change in prescription requires two or three days for you to adjust. It takes longer — sometimes up to two weeks — in some cases:

  • Your first prescription eyeglasses
  • A large change in your prescription
  • Switching to progressive lenses

If it seems like you’re taking too long to adjust to new eyeglasses, talk to your optician and optometrist. Your lenses might not match your prescription, or you may have received a faulty prescription.

3. Be safe as you adjust to new prescription eyeglasses

As you adjust to new prescription eyeglasses, it’s wise to take some precautions. Be extra careful when you perform tasks that need good vision and concentration. These include

  • Driving
  • Using stairs
  • Walking on uneven ground
  • Using hazardous machinery

4. How can I speed up the adjustment process?

Wear them as often as you can. Put on your new prescription eyeglasses the moment you get up in the morning. The longer you have them on, the sooner your eyes and brain adjust to them. Don’t switch back and forth between an old pair and the new one. This only extends the adjustment period.

Getting new prescription eyeglasses can be uncomfortable, but it’s also exciting.


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