African (Adinkra) Symbol of the month - Akoma Ntoaso signifies understanding, agreement - Bôhten Eyewear

African (Adinkra) Symbol of the month - Akoma Ntoaso signifies understanding, agreement

Bôhten eyewear strives to improve sustainable living in Africa. To shed light on our African roots, we are introducing meaningful symbols from Ghana that focus on the importance of Ethics in the social environment. 

During October, we’ve dedicated our African Symbol of the month to persons engaging in any form of partnership. Akoma Ntoaso is an adinkra symbol that directly translates to “the joining of hearts” According to it could also mean “united hearts” and “ a symbol of agreement, togetherness and unity or a charter.” Working together as a community and supporting each other in our endeavors continues to prove to be one of the best ways for us to move forward as a people.

It was through an understanding of a people that helped a movement in 2020 make an everlasting impact on minorities all over the world. It was through an agreement of a people why 'Wakanda' will forever be remembered as a real place. It was through collaboration, Bôhten was able to make its New York Fashion week debut with black owned brand Stephen Goudeau. We encourage you to never underestimate the power of understanding, agreement and working together. We can always go further if we work as one.

Adinkra are visual symbols, originally created by the Gyaman (Ashanti) people of Ghana and the Ivory Coast. The symbols hold a great deal of meaning and not only present the rich Akan culture, but serve to communicate deep truths, wisdom and knowledge using imagery.

If you're curious to learn more about Adinkra symbols, you can find more about them here.

Credit - The Heritage and Cultural society of Africa

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I discovered your website while researching African Jewelry. The Adinkra symbol, connecting hearts, Akoma Ntoso, is tattooed on my left wrist, two years ago in August 28th, 2020. Finding out after leaving the tattooed parlor, that Chadwick Bozeman, had transitioned to an Ancestor, that same day!! Overwhelming sadness. I felt an Amazing connection with him. A Humbled, Intriguing, Captivating Human Being!! Whose presence physically in film and off , has impressed his people beyond our Culturals revelation …. Moving forward together !

Nia Sayyada

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