And with that Bôhten’s 2022 season comes to an end - Bôhten Eyewear

And with that Bôhten’s 2022 season comes to an end

Over the last couple of weeks, the trend on social media is to share your most memorable moments from 2022. It’s the perfect opportunity to highlight your experiences and accomplishments, whether big or small, and share the moments that meant the most to you. The team at Bôhten wanted to join in on the fun, so here’s a quick recap of what our year looked like:

  1. Released our Duru Collection - This was one of Bôhten’s top moments as this entire collection was designed in house and specifically made to fit the faces of the African Diaspora. It was made with you in mind.
  1. Launched our Virtual Try On - We integrated technology that allows you to test and try on frames by simply using your phone.

Virtual Try on Frames Metaverse

  1. 10 year anniversary - We made it to 10 years as a black-owned and operated company that has operations on the African continent.
  1. More collaborations - This year brought us collaborations with Stephen Goudeau at NY Fashion Week, Disney Canada for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Paramount Studios, Google and African Fashion Week Toronto to name a few.
  1. More partnerships - We made new connections and partnered with retailers such as Anthropologie USA, The Folklore and Adjowa to bring you easier access to your favorite Bôhten frames.
  1. Bôhten content - We produced a wealth of content for you such as our Visions of Change series on our YouTube channel. We released consistent blog content on an array of topics through our series such Black Star Inspiration, Beyond the Frames, African Symbol of the month, Live from the Hub and Eye Health with Dr. Henry to list a few.

  1. Received an Award - African Fashion Week Toronto awarded us the Brand of the decade at their Awards ceremony this year. It was an absolute honor to even be nominated and was quite fitting with our 10 year anniversary.

While we do acknowledge our many successes this year, it's important to also highlight the behind the scenes. We had countless fires to put out, long nights, burnt out moments and times when we were unsure of what we would do next. We are sure many of you can relate with the fact that even though you may experience many highs, there are probably just as many lows that come with the journey. But the important thing is to keep pushing forward. Which is exactly why we encourage you to take the time to acknowledge your wins as we have in your own 2022 recap. They didn't come easy!

Feel free to share your wins and highlights from 2022 with us on socials via #Bohten #WeSeeYou. We would love to see your top memories of the year!

It’s a big deal we all got here.

Let’s take the moment to celebrate 🎉

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