Behind the Scenes: Anita Hosanna Shares Inspiration Behind Latest Bohten Photo Shoot - Bôhten Eyewear

Behind the Scenes: Anita Hosanna Shares Inspiration Behind Latest Bohten Photo Shoot

In collaboration with Bôhten, Ottawa-based fashion stylist and creative consultant, Anita Hosanna was commissioned to capture images inspired by nature to showcase the evolution of Bôhten frames. Using sophisticated techniques, her shots give a glimpse inside the modernity and classic style of Bôhten.  

Anita is one of the city’s top experts in fashion, style and content creation. Originally from Vancouver BC, her styling work has been featured in Afro Punk, Vulkan Magazine, LUCY’S Magazine, FASHION Magazine, HUF and more. Her creative talents have also led her to contribute work to leading companies such as PUMA Hoops and SSENSE.

In 2019 Anita was recognized by FACES Magazine as Ottawa’s “Fashion Stylist of the Year” and by LUXlife Magazine as Ontario’s “Most Trusted Fashion Model Stylist.” Most recently, Anita Hosanna was named amongst Canada’s Top 100 Black Women to Watch 2020 by CIBWE.

Read more about the vision behind the shoot and the creative spark behind her work.


1) Can you talk to us about what the inspiration was behind the theme of the shoot?

I was deeply inspired by the heritage behind Bôhten. My aim was to bring forth that foundation centered in community and the motherland in a contemporary fashion because when I think of Bôhten, I think of afrofuturism. It was important for me to showcase these modern frames against beautiful, glowing skin, almost mimicking natural woods and carry on that story of our roots.


2) What is your relationship with Bohten? Why were you excited to work with the brand?

Working with Bôhten can only be described as a pure honor and joy for me! From my earliest days when I started out as a stylist, this brand has been on my vision board for my career. It’s so fulfilling and humbling to now see that goal materialize. My hope is to continue to be a part of this brand’s journey and evolve with Bôhten.


3) Once you were on set, what specifically were you looking to capture? What was the vibe like during the shoot?

To be honest, the process was very organic. Our team comprised of my good friend and expert photographer Oladimeg Odunsi, who is beyond talented. I trusted him to carry out the vision to perfection. Our models are also very close to me, Jocy is my big sister and Grace is a friend I met within the industry. We already had that familial vibe between us, and that’s exactly what I hoped to capture – that closeness, that comfort and that confidence as we stand together.


4) What and who inspires you to do the work you do?

As a person, I’m inspired by my surroundings. The more I get older and the more I evolve as a stylist, I’m realizing that I’m literally a sponge to my environment! That goes for people as well as places and even weather, but when it comes to the work that I do, I’m always inspired by the strong women in my life to keep pushing forward to be the best I can be.

5) What does the Bohten brand represent to you? 

Bôhten represents boldness! When I think of the Bôhten man or Bôhten woman, they are curious, adventurous, and always stylish. They live life with a certain finesse and an almost contagious confidence, the kind that makes you want to be a part of what they got going on. Bôhten is about luxury, community and sustainability.

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