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Beyond the Frames: Eno Quagraine is using technology to create a safe space for Parents in Ghana

We are thrilled to feature Eno Quagraine for our Mother's Day Edition of Beyond the Frames. Join us as we learn more about her childhood in Ghana, her journey as an entrepreneur and how she is carving out a safe space online and in person for parents as they maneuver their way through parenthood.

Eno Quagraine is a Talk Show Host and the Founder & CEO of Talkative Mom, Ghana's First Parenting App and motherhood-specific search engine. She’s also the founder of Talkative Mom Studios, a community centre for parents and kids. With a passion for women’s health, she built her audience through her candid, sincere storytelling on motherhood-related issues that wasn’t addressed at the time. It expanded into a safe platform where mothers share their journeys, seek advice from experts/ professionals and meet credible brands. With her experience in Marketing Strategy, she has consulted for numerous brands looking to widen their reach by creating content for their target audience on her platform.

Tell us about your childhood growing up. What was that like?
I grew up in Accra, Ghana in a big family. My dad, mom and 5 brothers. I was the only girl. It was always a full house with relatives and close family friends. There was always someone to talk to or something to do. Never a dull moment.

Tell us one of your favorite stories about your mother.

My mom could make anything from scratch. Even sardines! She loved to cook and loved to be complimented on her meals. I remember, Christmas Eve, she would stay up all night baking all the cakes and cookies from scratch and still be up the next day serving our Christmas meal “mpusuo” and hosting all the guests.

Who was one of your biggest motherly influences growing up that wasn’t your mom?

My Aunt Doris. She was the sweetest. I love her strength and resilience. Starting out as a single mom for so many years, she was such a good example of a great mom. 

What led you to create your app Talkative Mom?

As African mothers and as parents, we needed a parenting app that was relevant to us . My blog had become the go-to resource for all things parenting and my messages dms were constantly filled with questions. I knew I needed to scale and the only way I was going to do that was to evolve my blog into what is now known as Ghana’s first and only parenting  app . Having an app like this in 2021, was definitely long overdue but since no one had created it, I said why not.

How easy has the process of creating Talkative Mom been? Can you tell us about any challenges you face but also the rewards?

The process wasn’t too easy because there was quite a bit of information and features we wanted to include . Funding has been our biggest challenge but we’re having to self fund for now. It has been very rewarding seeing the impact it has made and the brand deals that have come out of that and just now much people have embraced it , not just parents. 

What’s your goal for Talkative Mom in the next 10 years?

To be go-to parenting app  in Africa , providing resources and solutions to parents in the African continent. 

If a mother came up to you and said, “Eno, your app has *fill in the blank*” and it made you feel so fulfilled, what would they have said?

“Eno your app has made me a better/ happier parent.” That would make my day.

How has being a mother changed you?

I’m finally focusing on things outside myself. I can say it has made me selfless. I have a new found respect for all mothers. It’s incredible.

What’s one thing people don’t realize mothers need more of?

Rest. Time alone. Therapy and Play! In that order. Sorry that was more than one.

How do you plan to celebrate Mother’s Day?

Brunching with my fellow mamas while we leave the kids at home in the care of their dads or family. We deserve it!

How can people connect with you to learn more about your work?

They can check out my Instagram pages @talkative_mom@talkativemomstudios 

Eno, it was a pleasure learning more about you and your initiative to create more support for parents in Ghana and on the African continent. We continue to wish you the best and look forward to seeing what you create over the coming years. Be sure to check out Eno's app Talkative Mom or visit the newly launched Space 'Talkative Mom Studios' in East Legon, Accra. It has an array of resources for parents to support you and your kids on your parenthood journey!



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