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Black Star Inspiration: Voice - the Soca Artist whose positivity reigns

Our Black Star Inspiration for August is Mr. Aaron St Louis, better known as ‘Voice’, a soca artist and song writer who hails from the Caribbean country of Trinidad and Tobago. He became the youngest winner of Trinidad’s illustrious International Soca Monarch competition at the age of 24 and that was just the beginning.

Born and raised in San Juan, Trinidad, ‘Voice’ is a talented singer and song-writer who actually started in the music arena by playing pan in high school. In an interview with OMGtt, he shared that he took music for his regional exams, but switched his instrument from pan to voice for his final exam. Upon discovering he could actually sing, his music teacher encouraged him to do something with it. From the age of 16, he decided to compete in his secondary school’s Soca monarch competition and won. From there, he participated in a few other competitions including the country’s Jr Soca Monarch and the island’s Soca Synergy competition winning some and placing in others.

Voice doing a preview for the Synergy Soca Star competition 

Before he took the stage to win the country's International Soca Monarch competition, he began writing for other well known soca artists. His first ever co-written song won the groovy soca segment of the international soca competition. Shortly after achieving this accolade, it was his turn to compete.

In 2016, he entered Trinidad's International Soca Monarch Competition for the first time and won. At the age of 24 with his song "Cheers to Life”, he became the youngest person in the country's history to win the crown. The song oozed good vibes and a positive and grateful mindset with its lyrics "From you wake up this morning, you're a winner!"

Voice however didn't stop there as his goal was to win the competition three times in a row. In 2017 & 2018, he did just that with his songs  “Far from Finished” and “Year for Love”. This added him to the ranks of soca veterans Super Blue and Machel Montano who were the only other persons in the competition's history to achieve this feat.

Voice & Machel Montano

Even though Voice has been in the game for just over a decade, he has made his mark among young and old with his positive outlook on life that prevails in his music and spreads to anyone who hears it. He is an avid supporter of the culture and has become an inspiration too many as he continues to travel internationally to put Soca on the map.

Voice in Grenada's carnival 2022

His style speaks for itself as he always dresses to impress his audience with brightly colored and well coordinated outfits. He definitely incorporates frames into his look, as he more often than not is spotted in a pair whether on or off the stage. His clean yet bold style adds to his overall persona that captivates the crowd each time.


Are you interested in seeing Voice live?

He’ll be performing at his concert ‘Vibes with Voicey’ in NYC this Thursday 1st September. The concert will feature other popular soca artists such as Skinny Fabulous, Kerwin Dubois as well as well known Nigerian artist BNXN.

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A post shared by Voice (@voicetheartiste)We acknowledge this game changer in his own right who is taking the international stage by storm and bringing Caribbean soca to the forefront.

We acknowledge Voice, a game changer in his own right who is taking the international stage by storm and bringing Caribbean soca to the forefront.

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He was already quickly becoming my favorite Soca Artist, This article helped take him over the top. Keep up the great work and the positive Vibes!!!


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