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Bluelight Filter Lenses Explained

It's tough to escape blue wavelength lights because they're everywhere; computer and laptop screens, flat screen televisions, cell phones and tablets all use LED technologies with high amounts of blue light. According to studies, blue light may induce macular degeneration later in life, hastening the ageing of our eyes. According to years of research, prolonged exposure to blue light can induce eye strain, migraines, irritated eyes, dry eyes, squinting and sleep disturbances. Blue-light-filtering lenses may be of use. They filter more blue light than our basic polycarbonate or high-index choices, making them ideal for days when you spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

Are bluelight filtering lenses recommended for children?

When your child is playing outside for hours or participating in an activity with a lot of glare, such as hanging out on the beach or skiing, a good pair of kids blue light lenses will be important for blocking UV rays and blue light.

According to Megan Lott, an optometrist at Belle Vue Specialty Eye Care in Mississippi, parents may want to consider restricting screen time for younger kids and purchasing blue light spectacles for those aged 12 and above — or younger kids who are looking at screens for hours a day.

Eyewear Blogger @missbeedie explains Bluelight wavelength from a scientific perspective & highlights the benefits of Blue Light Filter Lenses in your everyday life.

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