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Bôhten 2.0: Announcing New Collections and a Farewell

Bôhten turned nine this month, marking almost a decade of developing some of the most distinct frames in the optical industry.

Great design is what defines our eyewear, and we are proud to announce a new rollout of collections designed by some of the world’s leading artisans and engineers. While we work to bring new lines to you, it is time to say goodbye to others. Beginning in 2022, we will be phasing out our Aristotle line, and there is no better time to say farewell.

Aristotle Collection | African-inspired eyewear | Bôhten – Bôhten Eyewear

“We as a company decided that the Aristotles had a really good run but we have decided to say goodbye to them for now because we want to focus on the new range of collections coming soon,” said Bôhten co-founder and creative director, Nana Kwadwo Osei, in a statement. “We’ve seen celebrities that we have admired from afar wearing the Aristotles and we need the time to focus on the new line of products that will hopefully change the game again.”

The Aristotles are one of the first of its kind and is Bôhten’s most popular line, designed to have a timeless and classic feel. The increased flexibility of its bridge shape makes for exceptional fit and versatility. It has since evolved with varying colorways and blends, attracting attention from A-list celebrities including Lupita Nyong'o and Dwyane Wade.

We are also revamping our classic Exstel and Bond collection, adding new fits and launching an all acetate line. The new Bonds will fit tighter by redesigning the nose bridge so that it is smaller and sits slightly lower on the face. The ebony on the temple will also be shortened to give wearers the ability to adjust the frames.

“The nose bridge is how you create the best fit. The new Bonds are better-fitted for a wider range of shapes and faces,” said Bôhten co-founder and CEO, Nana Boateng Osei. “By virtue of the Bonds, we brought back the sexy in a fit that is functional and will be more practical for people who wear them.”

For the Exstels, the first blend of acetate and wood frames that launched at Ottawa Fashion Week in 2013, the nose bridge will be wider and will come in a wide array of designs.

As we approach 10 years, Bôhten will introduce new ranges and designs. The rolling out of “Bôhten 2.0” will revolutionize the way people see eye care and we can’t wait to begin this new journey with you.

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