One can always expect to see beauty as a product when great initiatives collide in harmony.There was no exception to this rule as Bohten collaborated with Ayiba Magazine in their recent Nui Blanche event, "Mystique Afrique".

Ayiba sponsored by Vlisco organized a space for African and Caribbean artistic expression during Nuit Blanche, Toronto's most prominent art event.

The evening saw an attendance of 130 young enterprising folks.

Mystique Afrique was an intimate evening of live music, signature cocktails, delicious snacks, art, fashion and culture.

The event which was themed "ICONIC AFRICA"  was immersive and interactive, with features that caused guests to re-live Africa in the 70's.

The joy, excitement and celebration was apparent as the atmosphere was filled with laughter, and jubilation.

Apparently most of these attendees after years in Toronto had never been to the Nuit Blanche festival. 

The beautiful art on the wall resonated with the festive vibe as the afrobeat  soundtracks set the dancing pace will African inspired meals causing the flood of memories in the minds of guests.


Bohten exquisitely complimented the outfits for the fashion show segment of the event, with its Aristotle Rosewood sun , Aristotle Silver Tone and The BOHTEN5 Barklae Gold.

 Photographer Credits - Ifenna OkekeJordy Clarke

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