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Bôhten Customer Spotlight!

As Bôhten nears our 10 year anniversary (November 12th for anyone interested), we wanted to highlight some of our recent customers who have officially joined the Bôhten family by purchasing a pair of frames. They used the hashtag #Bohten on socials, and showed us where and how they rocked their new Bôhten frames.

First up is @1beautifulzion - she bought hers through our partner retailer @allwoodmrkt. She donned a pair of Manyara Ebony frames from our new Duru collection with her wonderful dreadlocks. Doesn’t she look amazing?


@mihmihwt shared her day at the beach in Maui, Hawaii. Her aristotle rosewood polarized frames complimented her green bathing suit and all the sunshine and sand the Hawaiian beach had to offer. She even included a cute teddy bear in the shots. He should have a pair of frames too don’t you think?

@tyronaheath looked very stylish in her pair of Bôhten’s on her trip to Santorini, Greece! Posing amongst the rocks and the blue Santorini waters in the background, @tyronaheath definitely showed off her wonderful trip and her pair of Barkley 3 Ebony Sun frames were the perfect match.

Thank you all for joining the Bôhten family and for sharing your adventures with us. We look forward to seeing more of the life journeys you take with Bôhten.

Share your experiences with your Bôhten frames by using the hashtags #Bohten when you post next! Who knows, you may be featured too!

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