Bôhten Featured in Esquire and Elle - Bôhten Eyewear

Bôhten Featured in Esquire and Elle

Bôhten Eyewear made it rounds in the press recently with two new features in Esquire and Elle magazines.

Esquire, an American men’s fashion magazine, named Bôhten’s rose-colored Bond frames one of the best sunglasses to buy now and wear all year, stating that “perhaps the best-known idiom on the subject of glasses, rose-colored lenses should definitely be tried and not just talked about.”

We’re loving the advice they write to readers about the significance of buying frames catered to face shape. The article’s writers, Avidan Grossman and Barry Samaha, acknowledge that “conventional wisdom holds that rounder styles tend to complement squarer faces, and vice versa, but since when are you conventional? And swearing off any shape of shades entirely ain't it, man. Life's too short. It never hurts to play to your strengths by exercising a bit of caution, but if you're about to get the protractor out to start measuring angles here, rest assured a square-shaped frame that has slightly rounded edges, or a round-shaped frame that has slightly squared edges, is still going to look more than fine regardless of your face shape.”

We couldn’t agree more! Add some color to your accessories collection and shop the Bond collection today.

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We’re also delighted to be featured in Elle, a global women's lifestyle magazine of French origin that highlights fashion, beauty, health and entertainment.

In “Which Sex And The City Outfit Lives In Your Head Rent-Free?” Madison Feller recommends pairing the Bond Grey polarized sunglasses with one of Carrie’s (Sex and the City’s main character), iconic looks. From feathers to fur; from sequins to satin, Carrie’s “classic meets modern” take on fashion set the bar high for all the fashionistas walking the streets of New York in the early 2000s. We couldn’t be more honored to know that Elle would recommend she add Bôhten frames to her enchanting wardrobe.


Carrie, if you’re reading this, we highly recommended pairing the Bonds with a casual weekend outfit to top off your look :)

What are you waiting for? Shop the Bond collection today!

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