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Bôhten Travel Favorites

As travel restrictions lessen in many countries, more and more persons are eager to travel. Combine that with another cold winter season in North America and Europe, and you have probably found yourself scouring the internet for a plane ticket searching for that perfect travel destination.

Now, what makes a place stand out to you?

What strikes you as ‘Ahaa! This is what I’m talking about?”

What makes you dub a country as your favorite?

Well, we asked members on our Bôhten team to share their favorite travel destinations and what makes each place special to them! Hopefully these locations give you some ideas on where you can head to for your next travel adventure or getaway.

Zanzibar, Tanzania
Elorm Amankwa
Retail Partnerships Manager

"My favorite place so far is definitely Zanzibar. It's such a beautiful island but even beyond that I was impressed with the people there. They all seem to have such passion and such an entrepreneurial spirit. Even with something as simple as showing you their farm, or climbing a coconut tree to get fruit, they make a whole entertaining production out of it. Gotta love them."

Zaina Adamu
Director of Communications

"Cuba had a very familial feel when I visited in 2015. The people, the culture, the music, the food...all of it had similarities to that of Ghana, where my family is from. It was also nice to make new friends!

Must do: Tour Havana in a classic car followed by lunch overlooking the water at Riomar!"

Kigali, Rwanda
Dr. Henry

"Kigali isn’t the most beautiful city I’ve ever visited. However, it’s my favorite because the city amazes me at how fast it has developed over such a short period of time. Their predicament marvels me. It gives me hope that it’s never too late for Africa." 

Vancouver, Canada
Nana Boateng Osei
CEO & Co-founder 

"Vancouver has always been my favorite place to visit. It's something about the nature and the landscapes there that is so calming. I love the way people focus on each other and nature instead of just sports and entertainment like Toronto. Also, the people are super down to earth as well!"

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