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Bôhten Travel Favorites - Part 2!

One thing about Bôhten, we love travel.

The ability to see new places and experience different cultures and communities in this world brings us pure joy whenever we think about it. We're sure it does for many of you too. Summer is prime travel time for many persons around the world, so we wanted to share some Bôhten staff's favorite travel destinations. Hopefully you'll get some inspiration for your next trip!

Let's see what countries and places have made it into the hearts of the Bôhten team!

Bali, Indonesia 
Sandra Riz
Social Media manager

"My favorite would definitely have to be Bali, Indonesia. Bali is a paradise, with an incredible diversity in almost everything any traveler would want to experience. The Indonesian culture is so rich in culinary delights, sacred temples, waterfalls, surfing, coffee tours, and beautiful accommodations. Can't forget the people in Bali, they are some of the friendliest I've met, and are always happy to share the beauty which makes the country so unique. The monkeys and elephants are pretty awesome too!"


St Lucia
Ron Abraham Jr
 Digital Marketer

"One of my favourite places to travel has to be St Lucia. The outstanding landscape, vibrant culture, entertainment & cuisine are just a few of the reasons to fall in love with this paradise island."

Cape Town, South Africa
Alyssa Derrick

Content Strategist

"I loved Cape Town for a few reasons but mainly because it's such a beautiful city! It's a delicate balance between development and nature. No matter how tall the buildings get and all of the hustle and bustle, you're always reminded that nature rules with the towering Table Mountain in the background. Plus the weather was great!"

Where's next on your travel list?
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I’ve been captivated by Abdijan, Ivory Coast. The beauty of the beaches and the architecture in the city have left me spellbound. Acrra and Cape Coast have held me as the emotional cleansing I experienced talking to historians about Slave Trade their perspective felt right in my soul as it was aligned with racism and oppression trends in my lifetime. Reconciling truth, participating in Last Bath ceremony, and later a naming ceremony receiving my soul name by a Chief fortified my heart and mind to later experience a dungeon used to hold my ancestors as they were preparing them to be sent into slavery across the world.


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