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Bohten We See You: Recap



Were you able to catch our Bôhten We See You Series? 

Through a total of 5 episodes, we sat down and “chopped it up” with individuals in our Bôhten community in Accra. They opened up about their personal lives, sharing honest stories about their experiences and how they interact with the world. The main question that made most pause before they answered was, “When do you feel most seen?”

Their answers were all unique yet had a common thread - connection. Whether connected to friends, family, fans, community or even themselves, those moments are ever lasting in their lives and it was fulfilling capturing such precious moments on camera.

In case you missed the series, we’ve compiled them here for you enjoy.

The dreadlock wearer "writer of things."


A multidisciplinary with the ultimate goal

Tasha & Clinton
A UK/Ghanaian Couple embracing entrepreneurship on the continent

A performer meant for the stage


Accra lifestyle store owner shares the moments that make a lasting impression


Thank you to Akotowaa, Edwvn, Villy, Stefania and Tasha & Clinton for sharing these intimate moments with us. It was an honor to help amplify your voices and stories. 

Now, we pose that same question to you, When do you feel most seen?

Respond on social media by tagging @bohten and using the hashtag #BohtenWeSeeYou. We can’t wait to hear your response.

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