Bôhten wins Big at African Fashion Industry Awards Toronto 2022 - Bôhten Eyewear

Bôhten wins Big at African Fashion Industry Awards Toronto 2022


Bôhten won!

Bôhten walked away with the Accessories Designer of the Decade Award at the African Fashion Industry Awards Toronto 2022. Winners were decided upon based on an internal awards committee as well as community voting. The Bôhten team was thrilled to hear the news when the winners were announced.  

Achieving this award meant a lot to us here at Bôhten, especially as it comes on the year of our 10th anniversary and around the release of our new Duru Family frames - a collection designed specifically with people of African descent in mind.

Abana Olive from our new Duru Family

Receiving this award encourages us, and companies like us, to continue to move forward. It encourages us to continue to take up space in places where there was none for us, to continue to innovate and diversify industries that hadn’t thought of us, and to continue to be the change we want to see. 

We could not have won this award and achieved what we have so far without you, our community. You are our cheerleaders, our supporters, and motivation. And for that we say thank you. We’d also like to thank the organizers and judging committee for the African Fashion Industry Awards. You recognized the need to acknowledge, embrace, and nurture black-owned brands like ours, to create the vision of change in the world we all would like to see.

 Thank you again, and we look forward to giving you more reasons to believe in us in the future.

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