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Bôhten X Stephen Goudeau hit the runway at New York Fashion Week!

Bôhten debuted at New York Fashion Week!

Bôhten’s summer ended on a high note, as we made our official debut on the New York Fashion week runway. We had the pleasure of teaming up with Dallas based High Fashion Designer Stephen Goudeau, showcasing his latest collection with our iconic Jade and Aristotle lines.

The energy in the room was ecstatic, as the last model walked down Runway 7 in the Sony hall at New York Fashion Week 2022. Everyone was elated and gave a standing ovation to the magnificent pieces produced by Stephen Goudeau, the black fashion designer who is determined to let the world know that “black fashion designers do exist.”

Bôhten was absolutely thrilled to partner with Stephen Goudeau on his NYFW showcase as it was a momentous occasion for both balck-owned brands. Stephen Goudeau is known for his “timeless, custom, and ready-to-wear pieces, and custom wedding gowns”. His work has been featured in British Vogue, New York Fashion week, The Washington Post and Cosmopolitan. 

Thank you Stephen Goudeau for incorporating our African Inspired eyewear into your show and for shining the spotlight on black owned brands on one of fashion’s largest stages.

You can match Stephen Goudeau’s NYFW look by purchasing a pair of Aristotles:



*Bôhten does not own the rights to photos used. Photos were sourced from Stephen Goudeau's Instagram page and website.*

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