Bôhten5 Relaunch - Made in Ghana - Bôhten Eyewear

Bôhten5 Relaunch - Made in Ghana

Sustainable Eyewear production in Ghana & Bôhten5

The African Canadian Eyewear company celebrates past present and future by combining what resonates most with making eyewear at home.

October [10], 2017, Toronto, Ontario; Bôhten Eyeglasses is pleased to announce that the Company is launching its Kickstarter Campaign to move towards the goal of creating a full-scale lens production hub in Ghana. Showcasing a redesign of its milestone products & its first Aviator Frames as part of their 2018 generation of glasses, Bôhten5.

Bôhten 5 encapsulates a labour of love born from an extensive collaboration with designers, engineers, influencers and most importantly, supporters of the company. Since the launch of Bôhten in 2012, the company has sought to master the craft of making eco-luxury eyewear from discarded materials sourced from West Africa. By partnering with a leading global manufacturer, Bôhten has been able to elevate the standard of quality in its frames & implement some distinct, authentic features.

 Made exclusively of wood from the Volta lake region of Ghana, our 2018 collection #Bohten5 is not only an evolution of our most popular designs to date, but a stepping stone towards our goal of creating a full production hub.

The mission has always been to build sustainable supply chains in Africa, the material there has created a dedicated skill level that can be empowered and shared. Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder Nana Boateng Osei relates that, “the new collection reflects the progression to where we are going. The inspiration is fulfilling what we wanted to do and to continue with the styles that everyone loves. Proceeds from the Kickstarter will be used in part to fund our first lens production hub in West Africa, this is the most exciting time for us because we will be working directly with local populations to elevate knowledge base and standards of living.”

About Bôhten

Founded in 2012, Bohten manufactures and designs eco luxury eyeglasses made from reclaimed material sourced from West Africa. The company strives to be the leading eyewear manufacturer in Africa by creating opportunities for creative and skilled workers worldwide.

For any questions or inquires please contact Andrew Richard Stoner, andrew@bohten.com.

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