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Bohten's Newest Collection: The Duru for 2022

As we all begin to wind down from 2021 to make way for what 2022 has to offer, Bohten intends to give you something to look forward to with a special and significant release.

What exactly is that you may ask?

Our Duru collection. 

In 2022, the Duru Collection will make a big splash as the collection marks a significant milestone in the evolution of our frames and what it means for us as a brand. Before we release all the juicy details though, we'll give you a bit of insight into the backstory of the creation of these frames.

A nod to our Ghanaian heritage and affinity for nature, the name "Duru" is derived from the Akan phrase, “Asaase yɛ duru,” which translates to, “The land must be revered. 

Taking style cues from American military-issued eyewear of the 1970s, the collection features 5 new additions to Bohten's range of retro-inspired silhouettes.

Boasting a re-designed nose profile and wider frame proportions based on the distinct facial features of the brand's core base - men and women of African descent. This capsule series is limited to 300 pieces that will be numbered on each frame. 

We know you're curious to learn more about this new collection, which is why we've pre-released the all wood frames in each style featured in the 2022 Duru Collection - Mayanra, Abana and Barkale 3. Here is where you can shop more.



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