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Club Bôhten - Better Every Day

As a Black-owned eyewear company, we focus many of our efforts on social responsibility to help support and enhance global communities in need. The Club Bôhten program is a testament to this. Through our Club Bôhten initiative, we are committed to promoting eye care education and support to children between 10 - 15 years in local schools throughout Ghana. The program aims to eliminate poor vision as an impediment to learning and social development and is a part of our "Better Every Day" initiative, which is our promise to support positive change in environmental sustainability, eye care, and youth employment.

Blue wavelength lights are everywhere. Computer screens, televisions, cell phones and tablets all use LED technologies, which can induce macular degeneration later in life and hasten aging of the eyes. A good pair of blue light glasses will go a long way in not only protecting the children from blue light, but also blocking UV rays as children spend a lot of time playing outdoors.

In partnership with schools, we are committed to organizing monthly eye testing and education for children, and donating a minimum of 20 glasses each quarter, allowing us to create case studies that provide substantial research on bluelight glasses for the youth.

The Partnership Opportunity

We ask partnering schools to accommodate our monthly visits to their schools by organizing the students, providing a convenient space and furniture to be used for eye testing and education, 1-2 days a month.

Partnership with Bohten goes beyond the opportunity to provide immediate eye care to the students of your school, but presents an opportunity for you to play a part in our research around eye care and impact of bluelight protection for the youth. 

We are committed to capturing the content and findings from this project with partnering schools to enable them to share with parents and other stakeholders to ensure that as many children as possible benefit from the gift of sight. The more support we receive from our wholesale partners for this program, the faster we can increase our impact and reach more of the youth.

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What a humbling venture for you to care for the underserved community, you will be blessed beyond measure.

Jowanda LaCrisha Sampson

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