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Customer Spotlight: One of Bôhten's first customers in Ghana!

Here at Bôhten, we continuously work to shine a light on our community. Bôhten customers, supporters, cheerleaders, stakeholders, partners, and those just curious to hear about our journey all make up an important piece of the Bôhten fabric. You help us grow and have helped make us who we are today.

For this post, we are highlighting one person in particular, Mr. Dela Avemega. He’s a Ghanaian author, artist, creative producer, illustrator, business owner, children's book publisher and the list goes on. He’s also the head of the Arts Department at Ghana’s SOS International School.

He holds a special place in our books here at Bôhten as he was one of the first people to buy a pair of our frames in Ghana. That was 9 years ago in 2014! And guess what? He still wears the same pair to this day!When asked about his story and why he chose a pair of Bôhten frames, this is what he had to say…“My story is actually quite simple. First, Bohten is authentic and Ghanaian, thus the connection. Their thirst and pursuit for excellence is another factor. The durability of the product is also another point.”He told us his Exstel Tortoise frames, the ones he bought back in 2014, have become a part of his ‘signature look’. He says “To be honest, without them people can’t make me out!” He also owns a pair of Hansens which he wears when he wants to switch up his look sometimes.

Dela is a father of 4, a creative and someone who works towards giving back to his community through his artwork, teaching and support of homegrown companies like Bôhten. He values authenticity, quality and excellence and is always open to give us feedback when we need to hear it the most.

Thank you Dela for your continued support of this Ghanaian brand. It is people like you who help to keep us on the right track as we continue to work to make a difference in our community. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the Bôhten fathers and father figures out there.

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