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Digging in the Archive: A Look Back at the Jade & Aristotle Frames

“The Archive” explores the long-winding history of Bohten through appealing visuals we have captured throughout the years. To keep up with all the latest historic moments, follow us on social media (Bohten on all platforms) and be sure you subscribe to our newsletter here!



The Sky Blue Jade frames are a significant moment for us at Bohten because it was the first time we used 75% acetate in its construction. Up until then, we were known for using 60-80% wood. To this day, we craft these frames from carefully selected materials. Its classic square frame characterized by reclaimed Ebony and Maple veneer inlay temple and translucent blue acetate ensures comfort with movement, creating a chic and modern look to an everyday optical.

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Our choice of matte Black on our Aristotle’s was a way to serve our clientele that preferred a more muted palette. Before the matte Blacks, we played around with tortoise shell and gold rosewood shades. While those colors are still a hit, our matte Blacks are unmatched in style and were an instant success. They are still one of our most popular frames today.

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