Digging in the Archive: The Bôhten5 - Bôhten Eyewear

Digging in the Archive: The Bôhten5

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In 2017, Bohten celebrated its five-year anniversary. To celebrate, we gave a first look at the Bohten 5 collection, our one-of-a-kind frames made in conjunction with our first Kickstarter campaign.

Bohten’s co-founder, Nana Boateng Osei, conceived the idea to create the campaign as a way to bring about a new vision of change: the possibility of transforming missed opportunities into sustainable life in his home country. 

Growing up in Ghana, Nana saw what happens when its citizens make too little out of too much. It's a country rich with natural resources, yet the average Ghanaian lives with under $1 USD per day. There's no working infrastructure to build up artisans for job creation and innovation. At the time of the Kickstarter campaign, he noticed that the youth in Ghana needed a spark in the manufacturing and design industry.

The campaign wasn’t about him getting rich. This campaign was about change. Our eyewear is made of reclaimed African wood, worn by celebrities, and has a unique, stylish look. Supporting the campaign meant contributors would receive an amazing pair of glasses, but more importantly, it helped to support his lifelong mission to create jobs where Nana calls home He achieved this by building an eyewear hub in Accra, Ghana.

With 35 years of combined manufacturing experience in the design, production & logistics of eco-luxury eyewear, the Bohten team was more than ready for the challenge, and we have come a long way to create something better than any of our previous ventures: the Bohten5.

As of date, the campaign received CA$ 10,490, which helped support our mission of being better everyday.

Take a look at how the frames have fared since 2017, and feel free to grab a pair for you or for someone close. 

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