Digging in the Archive: The Voyager - Bôhten Eyewear

Digging in the Archive: The Voyager

“The Archive” explores the long-winding history of Bohten through appealing visuals we have captured throughout the years. To keep up with all the latest historic moments, follow us on social media (Bohten on all platforms) and be sure you subscribe to our newsletter here!

The Voyager collection came from years of data and research Bohten collected, which found that the difference between the size of people’s faces of African descent compared to others only differed by a few millimeters.

Those tiny details matter, which is why we revamped one of our most popular lines to include a wider nose bridge and temple. At Bohten, it is about making a range of glasses that fit the diversity of the world we live in.

The Voyagers are designed to have a Miami retro feel that pairs well with activewear. The timeless and iconic frames are made from a seamless fusion of reclaimed ebony, walnut wood and plant-based Mazzucchelli acetate.

Oh, and the best part – they come polarized! Because light waves that bounce off surfaces tend to be most dangerous when they recoil horizontally, vertically or diagonally polarized lenses are important when eyewear shopping because they are made up of millions of tiny iodine crystals (or dichroic dyes), which is a metallic black mineral found in air, water and soil. In lenses, they are usually lined up in rows and block out harmful light – as much as 50% that pass through the lens. The wearer of polarized glasses can still see clearly, but brightness is dimmed. Try thinking about how window blinds block the sun. It’s a similar concept, but with concentration on your eyes.

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