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4 Signs it's time to change your prescription glasses

Written by Bôhten's in-house Optometrist Dr. Henry.

Optometrists recommend you update your glasses prescription at most every two years. If you notice a change in your vision, you may need to update your glasses earlier, such as after a year or so.

Let me tell you why you should have your prescription glasses changed…..

Reduced vision: 

If you notice changes in your ability to read, work on a computer, or see distances, you may have a refractive error that needs a prescription for glasses. You may also develop headaches, itchy eyes, flashes of light, or simply cannot remember when you last had an eye exam. It may be time to visit the optometrist for a comprehensive eye examination.

Damaged lenses: 

When your lenses are scratched, cracked, damaged, or the coating is peeling off, that’s another indication that you need new glasses. Scratches and cracks won’t go away and can impair your vision or simply be an annoyance. If your frames are still in good condition, you may be able to just order replacement lenses.

 Advancement in Lens technology: 

New technology also gives you the opportunity to customize your glasses to suit your occupational demand, which is another reason you might consider switching out your glasses for a new pair. For example, if you are someone who is constantly doing computer work or working with technology it would be best to customize your glasses to meet the needs of our vision and eye health. Extended focus reader lenses have two focal lenses that are used for screen work and distance vision. You might not need a fresh new pair of glasses to see, but you can still switch over to new glasses to apply the new technology that can help and benefit your vision.

Comfort and Fashion: 

If your old frames aren’t comfortable on your face, or you simply want a stylish change, a new pair of glasses can help you look and feel your best. At Bohten, we offer a wide range of unique frames available to fit your specific face shape. You can take advantage of our Virtual try on to find that perfect fit. If you want a cool pair I’d personally recommend our latest acetate collections. The new hand made Italian frames are gradually niching a reputation for their durability and striking colors. They may be a good reason to change your glasses. 

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