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Google X Bôhten Collab at Summit of the Americas

As summer 2022 gets into full swing, we’ve upped our efforts to increase our presence on the ground by attending a slew of events throughout the North American continent. 

One such event was the Ninth Summit of the Americas hosted in Los Angeles California this past June. Bôhten was featured in partnership with tech giant Google, where we were able to showcase our line to hundreds of attendees from all over the Americas.

The Summit of the Americas is a monumental event as it hosts major leaders, organizations, companies, entrepreneurs, civil groups and the like from countries in South, North, Central America and the Caribbean. The aim of the summit is to “foster greater dialogue between heads of government and the people and businesses of the Americas to address hemispheric challenges and opportunities including social inclusion, economic recovery, climate change, democracy, digital transformation, and democracy.”

Representatives at Google reached out to Bôhten to showcase our products at the event because our mission and brand values align with the Summit’s theme: “Building a Sustainable, Resilient, and Equitable Future” for our hemisphere. Google knows we are a company that understands how collaboration can help us discover innovations in accelerating productivity, enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion, and fostering a healthy work-life balance across our business. 

We joined a wide range of some of the world’s leading business and tech experts to show how collaboration can transform communications, brand identity and boost team morale. We were featured alongside businesses in several countries across the Western hemisphere in North and Latin America.

Moreover, Google is the ultimate search referrer, so it was an honor to partner with Google and Summit of the Americas because their state-of-the-art technology has helped us in increasing web traffic from users who were looking for the sustainable products and services we deliver. We recognize that we need to make eyewear that caters to a wide array of facial features; by doing so, we are ensuring that we have an equal and leveled playing field in the optics industry.

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