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GQ Shops: The Fashion Collection

GQ Shops:The Fashion Collection was released late last week putting a focus on our new direction in our design, material and lenses. It serves to educate and highlight the importance of blue light lenses.
Photo Credit - Steve Haining
The feature includes new looks from our 2018 collection including Jade Maple Blue, Hanson Blanc, Jetter Walnut Small and Legend Ebony Tortoise.
Photo Credit - Steve Haining
GQ Shops: The Best Buys is part a new digital campaign that came out British GQ's April Issue. It featured our Spring 2018 Legend Series.
The great reviews left us inspired to push our creative boundaries even further. When the opportunity came about to collaborate with Celebrity photographer Steve Haining (Who is also a Bôhten Customer) for our June Issue campaign we were extremely excited.
He took us to his beautiful studio inside an Airplane Hanger where Vanessa Ako Myers & Jacklyn Baker stole the show. 

The theme of the shoot was Blue light protection. A big part of educating our customer on eye care is also ensuring preventive measure are taken to protect your from harmful Blue light rays. Starting May 1st, all our eyeglasses complimentary with a custom blue light coat as we begin to phase out Plano lenses.
Photography Steve Haining
Models Jacklyn Baker Vanessa Ako Myers
Make Up Julia Krajewski
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