Hanson Matte White 2018 Preview

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Hanson Matte White 2018 Preview

Our second preview from our new line is the Hanson Matte White RX frames. Collaborating apprenticeship in Ghana with Japanese production partners has allowed us to refine the Hanson frames towards it's ultimate design.


Hanson Blueprint

2D Sketch Drawing

Hanson W Front

Hanson Matte White Front

 Hanson W Side

Hanson Matte White Side 

Hanson W SW


Hanson W W

Hanson Matte White Side 

Hanson W Top

Hanson Matte White Top

The new line has a distinct design that reflects our evolution and identity. Each pair comes with your prescription and anti-scratch protection. We are also giving customers an accessory case to protect your glasses that will exclusively be made in Ghana.  More details on launch date coming soon.

Hanson Matte White 2018 Specs 

  • Matte White Acetate Front & Tips
  • Reclaimed Walnut & Plant Based Acetate
  • New design insets on Front & temples
  • Single Vision, Photo-chromatic or UV-400 Sun lenses
  • Extendable Hinges
  • Durable  
  • Dimensions - 48-19-145

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