Hump Day Vibes Ft. Yeezy - Ghanaian Classics - Bôhten Eyewear

Hump Day Vibes Ft. Yeezy - Ghanaian Classics

As a way to keep Ghana's 65th independence celebrations going, this month's Hump Day Vibes is dedicated to Ghanaian musicians. This time around we asked our very talented photographer better known as "Yeezy Smalls", to curate a very Ghanaian playlist. He says "this playlist is made up of Ghana’s most influential, impactful and consistent artists, selected from over 3 decades of Ghanaian music."

About the Curator:

I go by the name Nana Kwesi Amoako and I am creative practitioner from Ghana, Accra. I specialize in executing a brands story through photography, editing, film photography, creative directing, commercial shoots, and product shoots and products design. 

Tune in to the Ghanaian musical experience here!

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