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Huri Movement x Bôhten Eyewear: Sustainable Afrocentric Fashion

In celebration of Earth week, we partnered up with Huri Movement, a sustainable Afrocentric fashion brand that supports elements of empowerment through a cultural perspective. The label designs with an ethical point of view by sourcing and incorporating upcycled Kente fabric textiles from Ghana into their apparel. Our shared passion for combining pieces of Africa, new-age fashion, cultural roots and mindfulness into the perfect statement pieces placed us in alignment for an original visual collaboration.

Celebrating individuality & Appreciation of Nature

When thought goes into every aspect of your style, it’s reflected and contributes to your overall aesthetic. Everyday consumers have the option to be mindful in their purchasing power by choosing fashion with a purpose, and intentional energy that goes into every design.

"We made the most of every piece of clothing and only bought what we needed. I knew who designed my clothes as well as the importance of the symbols and colors behind every piece, thanks to my mother. I deeply appreciated the intention and energy that went into every design (and still do)." - George Amoh.

Personal style and individuality are worth much more than fashion ideals forced upon you.  These small changes can starts by asking; “What are things made of? How are they made? How long will they last?”

Unveiling the meaning behind our style

This Earth Day, we encourage you to reflect upon your personal style, what stories does your clothing tell? See fashion storytelling in action, through our visuals produced in collaboration with Huri Movement.

Special thank you to the creative team

We hope that seeing sustainable fashion come together to create a bold look has inspired a more mindful, low-impact perspective towards your personal style. A special thank you to the team behind these visuals; Creative Direction, Tablö Creative, styling by Antoinette Johnson, Makeup by Alba Fei, Photography by Arshia Alexander, Models Mallentino, Omotayo Damilola, Ivany, and Alexie.

 To view more from this original collaboration visit out Huri Movement x Bohten Pinterest board.

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